Syphon2Jitnet receives video from a syphon server running on the same machine and sends that video over a network connection. Syphon2Jitnet works by using the max objects jit.gl.syphonclient and jit.net.send.


Instructions for Syphon2Jitnet:

1. Have a valid syphon server open and sending video before opening Syphon2Jitnet.
2. Click on the getavailableservers button to populate the available syphon server and app names menus.
4. Set the ip address of the computer you are sending to.
5. Set the port you want to use.
6. Open up Jitnet2Syphon on the other computer and complete steps 1-3
8. The network connected box will only show connected when Jitnet2Syphon has been connected properly.
9. Verify that the incoming video dimensions are correct. You set this in the program sending video to Syphon2Jitnet.


Jitnet2Syphon receives video over a network and sends it to a syphon server. Jitnet2Syphon works by using the max object jit.net.recv and jit.gl.syphonserver. Jitnet2Syphon needs to receive video from the corresponding Syphon2Jitnet app or jit.net.send object in a MaxMSP/Jitter patch.


Instructions for Jitnet2Syphon

1. Minimize the preview window. This window needs to remain open for the processing to be done on the gpu, but just minimize it and get it out of the way.
2. Set the ip address equal to the computer running Jitnet2Syphon's ip.
3. Set the same port number as in Syphon2Jitnet
4. If you've setup Syphon2Jitnet then the network connected checkbox should be toggle on now.
5. Toggle the start video checkbox.
6. Monitor FPS.
7. Monitor output width and height. (This is set by applictation sending video to Syphon2Jitnet, also look at step 7 in Syphon2Jitnet).
8. Open external syphon enabled application running a syphon client
9. Ensure that external application is set appropriately.
AppName: Jitnet2Syphon
ServerName: Jitnet2Syphon

Example Settings

Computer A, running Syphon2Jitnet
Computer A ip
Syphon2Jitnet ip
Syphon2Jitnet port 8500
Computer B, running Jitnet2Syphon
Computer B ip
Jitnet2Syphon ip
Jitnet2Syphon port 8500

I would recommend setting your network to the above settings. The ip and ports numbers above are the defaults for both applications, meaning all you have to do is set the syphon server name and click the start capture toggle buttons.

These programs are made with MaxMSP and exported as standalone applications.

They are free.

Feel free to contact me at dgraphael at gmail dot com with any issues or better yet examples of how you used this.

Minimum Requirements

Mac OSX 10.6 and above
Syphon Enabled Application running.
more information about Syphon at http://syphon.v002.info/.

Download Link

7/28/2013 update download link.
add syphon max dependencies back to project
interface update simplified connection options, process
7/13/2013 updated download link.
fixed network connection error
2/27/2013 updated download link.
fixed reversed video in Jitnet2Syphon
updated README file with new instructions
improved GPU processing
YUV colorspace compression for improved network performance
simplified interface for ease of use

known issues to fix
#1 5.24 multiple binding unsuccessful errors during setup, most likely due to succesive attempts to connect to ip while entering ip