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next 8 weeks. Winter Quarter

buy parts for guitar preamp ---thurs 1/22 need to get 13pin din connector

create 8.1 channel mixer in Pd using vbap and T.Holman cinema design (simply modify 5.1 mixer) 1/26

develop processing code to do simple image wipes: using shapes similar to video mixers with sequencing ability 2/1

research building preamp 2/8

use miller documents

study preamp schematics

solder and construct

develop various panning patterns 2/16

research building arduino based midi controller with minimum 4 volume style foot pedals and multiple buttons 2/21

make single prototype design, cut out of wood using Illustrator and/or masterCam

study arduino midi code

Prototype network between Ableton/Pd/Processing 3/1

embed pdVst in ableton, use pd to send osc to processing over local network. --need to test code

Windows XP laptop -> Mac G4

Mac: install 10.4, pd, processing, Osc libraries

have working 8channel spatialized audio setup connected to processing 3/15

have image wipes/fx synced to Ableton Live Music.

Spring Quarter

week 1-3: work out sequencing in processing code, look into jack vs PdVst for spatializer
build hardware guitar controller (expected finish and integration by week 6)

week 4: start tracking fx sound, develop processing code: text based, geometry

week 5: compose - mix background tracks, work out visuals utilizing liquid art, photography, video in gem

week 6-7: organize performance material

week 8 - 10: practice performance material, fill in blanks