Dustin Raphael

My piece should run roughly a half-hour and consist of 8 - channel spatialized audio with accompanying visuals. The piece will incorporate techniques used within Ableton Live for electronic music performance as well as nylon string guitar. The visuals will be a combination of video processing done in Pd/Gem and developed processing sketches. The visuals will maintain a relationship with the audio through a network. Proposed performance will be held in either the black box in calit2 or the spat lab in CRCA.

Equipment Needed:
8 - channel sound system160A-performance-diagram.gif

Equipment provided:
guitar amp
audio processing hardware
x2 hp pavilions


power on both computers
connect network cable
soundcard to mac
usb keyboard to mac
midi interface to pc

set audio interface and sampling rate (48000) in jack preferences
start jack server

open ableton
set soundcard out to jack
check midi connections, make midi to other computer is set to monitor input
open pd, set soundcard, connect to network, turn up volume

load jack setup file


open ableton, set midi to external, check incoming midi inputs
open processing
open pd, set midi input to midi yoke 3
run processing sketch

setup guitar...
route into pd on mac (channel 10) which then sends to processing.